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The perfect gateway to the world of ultra luxury
Founded in 2002, Oriental Media & Event Company Ltd was first established as a consultancy firm aiming to bring luxury in all its forms to Vietnam. From leading current fashion trends to designer lifestyle brands, the creative and determined staff of Oriental Media & Event Company Ltd spent years studying the unique demands of the new Vietnamese consumer...
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Oriental Media Company Ltd
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44C Cuu Long Street, Tan Binh District,
Hochiminh City (Saigon), Vietnam.
Phone : +848.3844 1612, 3.844 1728
Fax : + 848.3846 2296
Email: info@oriental-ltd.com
Website: www.oriental-ltd.com
Oriental publishes a range of magazines and guides tailored to Vietnam’s luxury market. Professional content written by experts, superb photography and design, and the highest quality paper and imaging are standard